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About us

Valeo Natural Science Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Valeo Pharma inc.
(“CSE:VPH”). Established in 2020 to address the needs of our new Natural Health
product portfolio, the company’s first launch under the new entity will be HESPERCO, a bioflavonoid antioxidant to aid with immune system support.

Although new in this configuration, the company principals have extensive experience in launching NHP/OTC products into the Canadian market. Many of these launches were with the parent company (Valeo Pharma Inc, est. 2003) and others with major NHP/OTC companies.

Our vision is to build an organization that will bring first in class innovative Natural
Health products to the market. These products will naturally sourced, produced under the strictest of guidelines and will be supported by scientific data. These products will make a difference to the health of Canadians.